I saw the movie Catfish today, unexpectedly.  The Husband and My Kid had just left for school and work and I was finishing my coffee and checking my e-mail when my artistmommy friend called me and said she was going uptown to the 10:00 am showing of the film “Catfish”.  I had intended to spend the entire day cleaning and doing laundry so of course I said “yes” immediately.  I didn’t even have time to shower before I met her at the subway stop.

I recommend this movie.  It’s a documentary.  There’s a secret to be kept by those who have seen it, (remember The Crying Game?  I was so impressed when I saw that weeks into the run and was so impressed that nobody in my Seattle world had given away the surprise.)

I read a review online that said at Sundance, the film had been so well crafted as it was edited that it was taken for fiction…

…which reminded me of my Montana Writers class, taught by Bill Bevis at the University of Montana.  We read the James Welch novel, The Death of Jim Loney and I remember the teacher asking if there were any students in the class who were from the part of Montana where the book takes place and he asked them if the descriptions were true to life and they said yes.  Then he told us that the New Yorker review of the book had called it “far-fetched”.  The film Catfish is like that.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

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