Today, on the phone my mother she tells me she thinks the New York City middle school application process… “is just over the top as far as I’m concerned.  Goodness sakes!”

Today, I talked to a mom on the playground after school whose son, a classmate of my child, will be joining his older siblings at Poly Prep after 5th grade.


Today, I heard via facebook that a fellow mom from my kid’s preschool class is happy that her kid got into Poly Prep.

We can’t afford that kind of private school.

I also saw via “linkedin” that a fellow RBB clown went to an (expensive) Quaker prep school before she went to Clown College.

One mommy-friend said of private school tuition: “Who can think of money at a time like this?”

I can.  I do. We can’t.

Today, I feel like crying.

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