Formally Organized Passions: Mine + My Kids = Scheduling Conflicts

My Kid is looking forward to a week of Curious Jane science camp for girls in Brooklyn. How convenient for me because another clown has organized a 4-day workshop in a studio in Manhattan the same week. How easy it will be for me to drop off My Kid at 9:00 am and sail on into the city for several hours of serious clown work before I pick her up at 3:30 (or 5:30 if I pay extra for an extended day.)

It’ll be great!


The pieces don’t quite fit together.

I’m not the one who booked the studio time which is as follows:

AUG 2 (2p-6p)
AUG 3 (2p-6p)
AUG 4 (3p-7p)
AUG 5 (6p-10p)

Well, Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea!!!! (As My Kid and her friends would say.)

No matter how I slice it, My Kid needs to be picked up in Brooklyn at either 3:30 or 5:30 right in the middle of the studio clown time in Manhattan.

But, I’ve got a week to figure it out. I could end up hiring a babysitter for 3 or 4 hours just to cover a 30 minute gap.

It’s possible, but only just and that’s because I’ve only one kid to worry about. Any more than that and this particular studio time with other clowns wouldn’t even be an option to consider. My little family is alone here in the city. I have to pay babysitters or find friends (and we don’t yet know anyone else who will be attending the same camp as My Kid.

Last week when we were on vacation with my parents and my sister and my brother and his kids life seemed so easy. The Husband and I could go for a walk and have a conversation and not worry at all about My Kid because there were always other adults around to keep an eye on her.


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