Succumbing to External Pressure


I am suddenly climbing up out of my seasonal slough of despond to ramp up my participation in my daughter’s education.  I’m sure that’s the last thing she wants since the way it played out today is my purchase of the Barron’s test prep books for the New York State Grade 7 English Language Arts Test and Grade 7 Math Test.

As a member of the “creative class” I have never set much store in standardized tests.  In fact I would go so far as to say they are B*% S#@#. However, my daughter attends public school and thrilled as we were by the idea of our child attending the same school grade 6 through grade 12.  We have decided that we would like her to go somewhere else for high school.  Personally I’m still very happy with her choice of an all-girls middle school.  But, now that she is firmly entrenched in her technology career choice, I want her to expand her horizons beyond Brooklyn, as the lyrics in the theme song for the Patty Duke Show say:

But Patty’s only seen the sights a girl can see from Brooklyn Heights…”

I spent two hours today talking to another mom in a coffee shop in Brooklyn Heights.

Our girls are at the same school.  We have the same doubts about our school and the same hopes for our girls.  Her kid is a year ahead of mine, in the 8th grade.  So they are done with the process, the schools have been visited, the tests have been taken, the forms have been filled out, the first choice/dream schools have been chosen and fingers are crossed–and have been for months.  Her kid is 13-years-old!

I am listening to this woman talk and thinking to myself, “Oh S#*+ I need to get a tutor because I can’t risk my kid blowing off the stupid standardized random core knowledge test because next fall she may see and want to apply to a high school that weighs heavily the difference between a 3 and a 4 on the stupid standardized test.

This is like Dance Moms only about public school.  If I don’t do whatever–my daughter will not be a the top of the pyramid of some school administrator whose existence I am as yet unaware of.

Can I just say how much I hate this system!





Waiting to register

Well, I’ve gotten the e-mail from NYRR and now I am waiting for noon when I can officially register for the New York City Marathon November 2013.

This year was supposed to be my one and only foray into the world of marathon running, go big or go home, if you only run one race this is the one… and all that.

And then it didn’t happen.

It took a long time for the New York Road Runners to decide if they were going to allow “charity runners” automatic entry into next years race.  That’s the kind I am.

The announcement has been made and now I am waiting to see how the registration goes.

I’m going to go on line and take care of this today at lunch time.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Jingle Bell Jogging Shoe


My kid was impressed by my race number when I got home from the Jungle Bell Run today.

It was my first run with a computer chip on my shoe and an official race number pinned to my clothes.  The New York Marathon was to have been my first.  I was going to start at the top.  Instead I began with a 4-mile fun run in Prospect Park.  But I had red jingle bells on my shoes!!!

An Elfin Look for the Jingle Bell Jog


Coffee before our last training run in Central Park


Hour 1 of 24 Hours of Reality

I was invited viaia Momsrising, to be in the Manhattan studio last night during the taping of the first hour of the 24 hours of Reality.  Al Gore was there and a clip from his 2006 academy award winning documentary was shown, a computer generated video Lower Manhattan flooding.  And then the real photos and video of the flooded subway tunnels and water pouring into the World Trade Center site.  Experts talked about government subsidized corporate profits from cheap fossil fuel contrasted against the real economic costs dirty weather in the form of drought-ravaged crops, flooded cities, and urban heat waves like the Chicago heat wave in 1995 when 700 people died…

…and then this morning…

…news reports of the BP highest corporate fine ever for causing the 2010 Deep Water Horizons oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

…oh and…

President Obama will be in New York and New Jersey to view the destruction and recovery efforts after weather event Sandy…

Just saying…

26th and Lexington Avenue, Manhattan


Happy Halloween


South Elliot Street