Why Wasn’t My Kid Invited?


For a few moments, as I sip my morning coffee and check e-mail, a wave of paranoia and adolescent insecurity washes over me when I learn, through the listing of conflicts while organizing a Girl Scout event, that two of my daughter’s best friends have been invited to a birthday party and she has not. My child is perfect and so I wonder; Is it me?”   Do I not host enough playdates?  When I talk to the other parents at after school pick up, do I say the wrong things?  Are we a weird family?

Our weekend is already full.  Between soccer and piano and Girl Scouts,  (Not to mention Sakura Matsui at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden that I was hoping to drag my family through in the time between the soccer game and the piano lesson)  it would be a major complication if we had to squeeze a birthday party into the Saturday schedule.  Besides, my daughter is already going to a birthday party on Sunday.  

I don’t even know whose birthday party my child is not invited to.  It might not even be one of her friends.  It might be a younger boy’s birthday party, the friend of a sibling.  Both of the girls with the birthday party conflict have brothers and live on the same block.

My daughter is oblivious and it’s not my problem.

And yet, I can’t help but worry about it, for at least as long as it takes to finish my cup of coffee.

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